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March 13, 2019
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Wirral Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environmental Sector Forum

Wirral Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environmental Sector Forum

Highlights of the Wirral Chamber of Commerce Energy and Environmental Sector Forum included several keynote presentations, together with details of events surrounding the Liverpool City Region’s Year of Environment and Wirral’s Borough of Culture.

It also offered opportunity to provide current information, updates and compliance tips for the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), as well as changes to the ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard.

Amongst speakers (pictured right) participating were Nick Drew, the Year of Environment Coordinator, Tom Kelly, of Inteb Managed Services, Tom Powell from Complete Training Solutions, Sian Cunningham of Biffa Waste, and Jane Morgan & James Roberts of Wirral Council, who gave an overview of Wirral Borough of Culture 2019.

In updating the delegates attending, Nick Drew talked about the aims of delivering the greenest UK region and increasing young children’s contribution to nature. The Year of Environment programme is geared around a number of themes, which throughout the year, the events will focus on air quality, health and wellbeing and waste reduction.

Tom Kelly, Energy And Environment Sector Forum Chair, gave a presentation about UK Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), which is designed to make companies more energy efficient. Organisations qualifying for ESOS must conduct audit assessments of their energy consumption every four years.

The first compliance period deadline was the 5th December 2015, with the deadline for ESOS Phase 2 coming on 5th December 2019 and failure to comply could result in a fixed penalty of up to £50,000.

Tom Powell provided an insight to the services offered by Complete Training Solutions, which has over 50 training courses spread across multiple sectors, including Renewable Energy, Construction, Oil & Gas, Maritime, Rope Access, Workplace Health and Safety. He said, “The Energy And Environment Sector Forum was a key event which brought together a diverse group of people within involved the sector, the drive and ambition of the Energy And Environment Sector Forum group is really inspiring.”

Sian Cunningham of Biffa Waste explained how Biffa is on a landfill diversion programme to increase how much waste is being recycled, also adding about a new CSR focus on educating staff, within the businesses the company works with, by increasing their awareness about what can be recycled and putting the correct items in correct bins.

She concluded by highlighting Biffa Award funding, which is provided through an innovative tax credit scheme, enabling landfill operators to contribute to fund a wide range of community and environmental projects in close to landfill sites.

Wirral Council’s Jane Morgan and James Roberts gave an overview of the Wirral Borough of Culture 2019, in which throughout the year, the programme of major events will celebrate the themes of exploration and discovery in some of Wirral’s outdoor locations. With a full calendar of events, these will bring thousands of people together in Wirral, and will harness the power of volunteering and involve children and young people in fantastic experiences.

Paula Basnett, CEO of Wirral Chamber of Commerce, highlighted the importance of the sector forums, “It is key that we continue to provide these sector platforms so that businesses can meet and engage in exchanging information and knowledge about what is happening in the sector and the region.”