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Blade Technician


Sean Crellin left the British Army in 2015 after serving as an Infantry Soldier for eight years, a role that saw him operate in all environments and types of conflict.

Looking for employment in the renewables sector, Sean completed his GWO Technical Training, GWO Basic Safety Training and his IRATA Rope Access Training at Complete Training Solutions (CTS) in Merseyside. Sean has now secured employment as a Blade Technician.

The renewables industry is one of the fastest-growing workforce sectors and thriving, offering long-term job stability, generous shift patterns and the opportunity to work towards a greener future.


When Sean left the military, he was keen to explore a career in the offshore wind sector.

CTS is one of the UK’s leading offshore wind sector training providers. Proud signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant, CTS demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to veterans, by offering a 10 per cent discount on courses to those who have served in the British Army.

“I always wanted to work in the wind energy industry but I didn’t have the money at the time,” said Sean. “I saw that CTS offered discounts on their courses to veterans, which encouraged me to sign up for the courses.

“I enjoyed all the courses with CTS, I learned a lot as they were very professional and gave me more confidence to get into my desired career. “

CTS Learners


Sean knew the skills gained from his military background would be hugely beneficial for helping him succeed in a career in the wind industry.

After completing his training, Sean secured a contract and started his new career as a blade technician.

“I really welcome the opportunity of discounted learning,” he said.

“My plans for the future are to keep growing and learning more about this industry. It is something I enjoy doing and I am hopeful that it will take me far in life.”

Ian Green, CTS Managing Director, said: “With around 60 per cent of the renewables workforce consisting of veterans, it is an evident natural progression for those looking for their next steps after leaving the army.

“Veterans are renowned for their solid work ethic, commitment and dedication, making them desirable employees.

“As signed up members of the Armed Forces Covenant and Standing Tall Foundation, a charity which supports community health and wellbeing, we are committed to helping veterans who want to transition into a career in the offshore sector.”

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