Danielle Kershaw

Head of Renewables, CTS

Danielle Kershaw is the Head of Renewables of Complete Training Solutions. She has a long and varied career in business management and operations in the adult training sector.

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Published On: November 4, 2021|516 words|2.6 min read|
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Industry Voices – COP26

In light of the United Nations Climate Change Conference ’21 (COP26) which is taking place this week in Glasgow, we took the opportunity to discuss development and sustainability with Danielle Kershaw, Head of Renewables at Complete Training Solutions (CTS).

As a company that has specialised in renewables-based courses for over 10 years, CTS are proud to identify as an industry leader within the sector. But the level of commitment doesn’t stop there as we prepare to adapt and grow in all areas to ensure that we align with the UK’s sustainability pledge in as many ways as possible.

Through using the Government’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, Danielle highlights the different sectors within the renewables industry that are expected to undergo mass growth before 2030. With off-shore wind farms expected to support up to 90,000 jobs by 2030, shifting to zero emission vehicles could deliver 40,000 jobs and greener buildings are set to support around 50,000 – just to name a few.

Danielle expresses how she is keen to stay ahead of environmental trends in order to meet the skills demand that the renewables sector is set to face in coming years. She said: “The changes we are making and the initiatives that the Government are setting out to achieve are long-term, so anyone who is shifting into the renewables sector has a long-term sustainable career ahead of them.

“We are aiming to support entry-level, aspirational people into the industry as well as those with transferable skills. The work we are doing with schools, colleges and universities is allowing us to create a career path into the industry. There is no obvious career path into the sector at the moment and by the year 2030, these are the people who will be of working age, having gone through their education journey.”

As well as the advantages and benefits of the specialist industry knowledge that CTS has acquired over ten years of practice, Danielle recognises it is not just this this sets us aside from other training providers. “We are a commercial training provider at heart, with a heart. Social value is integral to the success of our business,” she says. As part of the wider company, The Progress Group, CTS are able to use inhouse resources and contacts to go the extra mile for trainees, which is something Danielle is very passionate about.

“We pride ourselves on being able to support people into the industry and into work. It doesn’t end when the course ends for us, we are happy to support the workforce in the increase in staff requirements and go the extra mile for our trainees so as a client of ours you definitely get an extra level of care.”

Danielle is keen to encourage and open the door for conversations around industry training with employers and specialists with the aim to familiarise herself with their sustainability and training needs for the years ahead. If you would like to discuss this further with Danielle, you can contact her directly via her LinkedIn page or get in touch via our contact form.

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