The GWO Sea Survival course covers a wide variety of practical and theoretical techniques which are required to operate safely offshore...



The GWO Sea Survival refresher course focuses on the key practical elements and topics theory which are covered during the full 1.5 day course...

GWO Sea Survival training courses help you to achieve safety certification accredited by the Global Wind Organisation, which needs to be refreshed on a two-yearly basis to remain valid without having to complete the full training course over again.

An initial 1.5-day training course and one-day refreshers every two years are all that is required to hold this GWO-accredited certificate, covering the theory, legislation and practical aspects of survival at sea.

This is essential for anyone wishing to work in the offshore renewable energy industry and particularly on offshore wind farms, where you are likely to face a variety of challenging conditions as part of your job.

GWO Sea Survival Training Course

The initial 1.5-day training course is open to anyone aged 18 or over with the necessary standard of communicating in English, including the ability to complete the written multiple-choice assessment at the end of the course.

You should also have WINDA ID, which you can get by registering with the Wind Industry Training Records Database, and clothing and footwear that will get wet as part of the practical training.

You should also bring swimwear and dry clothing; you can provide your own survival suit if you wish, but it is not a requirement.

The course covers both the practical and theory of sea survival in all conditions, incorporating rescue techniques and an understanding of the current relevant legislation as it applies to working on offshore wind farms. Additionally, you can also book your Offshore Medical tests and checks with us! Click here to add on your medical while you are training at our facilities!

GWO Sea Survival Refresher Course

If your GWO Sea Survival certificate is due to expire, you can sit a one-day accredited GWO Sea Survival Refresher course to confirm you still have the necessary skills and knowledge to extend your certificate by a further two years.

To attend this course you must have an in-date Sea Survival certificate – so make sure you register for a Refresher course that will take place before your current certificate expires.

You can always check the Refresher course page on our website to see all upcoming dates and availability, including any dates that have already sold out, so you can book in something before your current certificate expires.

Again, there are practical elements to this course, so you should bring clothing and footwear that you can get wet, as well as a towel and change of clothing to travel home in.

GWO Basic Safety Training Package

GWO Sea Survival is one of five modules that comprise the GWO Basic Safety Training Package, along with First Aid, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, and Working at Height & Rescue.

These are available as standalone training courses, but if you want a comprehensive introduction to accredited safety training in the wind industry, we offer all five as a package at a discounted price.

Holding all of these certificates, accredited by the GWO, demonstrates your commitment to safety in all its forms when working on offshore installations, from fires and manual handling to survival in extreme at-sea conditions to rescues at height and first aid, helping you to meet minimum requirements and boost your employability.

Further Training

Complete Training Solutions are pleased to offer further relevant training courses by other accreditation bodies relevant to working in offshore environments and the renewable energy sector.

These include IRATA Rope Access certification, which is essential to a career in offshore rope access, rigging and rescue.

By completing Level 1 certification you qualify for a career in the industry, while we also offer Level 2 and Level 3 IRATA Rope Access training courses to develop your skills and independence in this area further, ultimately allowing you to take on supervisory roles.

Find out more about GWO Sea Survival

You can find out more about the GWO Sea Survival training course and Refresher course by visiting their individual pages on this website.

There are also pages for the other GWO Basic Safety Training courses mentioned above, and for our discounted comprehensive Basic Safety Training package.

If you are also interested in IRATA Rope Access certification, check the individual pages for Level 1, 2 and 3 qualifications and the minimum requirements for each.

Each page shows upcoming courses and it’s important to note that dates do sell out – so if you need to attend a Refresher course before your current certificate expires, be sure to book it while it is still available.

Finally, please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have about any of our accredited training courses, pricing and availability, and we will be happy to answer them to hopefully meet your training needs.