GWO First Aid is an essential part of your offshore work requirements for those looking to work in the Renewable Energy industry.



GWO First Aid Refresher course is for all persons looking to renew their knowledge or if their current certificate has expired.



Course Duration: 3 Days



Course Duration: 1 Day



Course Duration: 2 Days



Course Duration: 3 Days



Course Duration: 2 Days

Our range of First Aid training courses help you to gain the skills you need to preserve life in emergency situations while working at sea and especially onboard offshore wind turbines.

This is one of our most detailed and varied subject areas, with GWO accredited First Aid training programmes, Arqiva accredited First Aid at Height modules, a selection of Level 3 Awards in general, emergency and paediatric First Aid, and our bespoke Complete Training Solutions Wind Farm Medic qualification.

Together they allow you to prepare for lifesaving situations, to reduce the effects of injuries, and to help ensure the comfort and survival of injured individuals until rescue can be achieved.

Find out more about each of these important training modules below or on the detail page for each training course, or contact us for more information and any other general enquiries.

GWO Accredited First Aid Training Courses

Gain a GWO accredited First Aid qualification on our two-day training course, which counts as part of your GWO Basic Safety Training to allow you to work in the offshore renewable energy industry.

The course covers the techniques that you might need to put into practice during a medical emergency aboard an offshore wind turbine, with realistic recreations of that working environment used as the setting for practical sessions.

We offer two GWO accredited First Aid training courses:

  • GWO First Aid is for anyone who does not already hold a valid GWO First Aid certificate or to replace an expired certificate that was not renewed in time.
  • GWO First Aid Refresher is a one-day course that saves both time and money when renewing an existing GWO First Aid certificate before its two-year expiration date.

To find out more or to book a place on an upcoming GWO First Aid training course, visit the booking page for the course you are interested in, either GWO First Aid or GWO First Aid Refresher.

Arqiva First Aid at Height

First Aid at Height is part of our suite of Arqiva accredited training courses which also includes modules covering safety on towers and on rooftops, rigging and working around radio transmitters.

On its own, this module is a one-day overview of the kinds of incidents and injuries you might encounter when working at height, and how to safely respond to reduce pain and distress and preserve life.

Alternatively we offer a full five-day programme of accredited Arqiva training that covers all of the modules relating to safety at height – contact us for more details about this.

Level 3 Award First Aid Training

We offer a number of Level 3 Award First Aid training courses including:

  • Level 3 Award First Aid at Work (3 days)
  • Level 3 Award Emergency First Aid at Work (1 day)
  • Level 3 Award Paediatric First Aid at Work (2 days)

Together these can help you to gain a general overview of workplace First Aid, including appropriate responses and treatments in the most pressing of emergencies, and techniques suitable for use with injured children.

Complete Training Solutions Wind Farm Medic

By completing your training to become a qualified wind farm medic, you increase your employability in wind farm health and safety jobs, as well as improving your ability to prevent and reduce injuries and, in some of the most severe incidents, potentially to save the lives of your colleagues.

The purpose-built Complete Training Solutions Wind Farm Medic training course is a three-day programme that covers the core elements of working in this extremely important role and to gain skills that could save lives in an emergency while working on offshore wind farms.

For more information or to book a place on an upcoming Complete Training Solutions Wind Farm Medic training course, please contact us using the details below.

How to Book

You can book our GWO accredited training courses online – just click ‘Full Details’ to find out more about the specific course you are interested in.

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Just choose the dates you want and click ‘Book Now’ to start the checkout process, which will guide you through payment and any other details we need in order to make your booking. Additionally, you can also book your Offshore Medical tests and checks with us! Click here to add on your medical while you are training at our facilities! 

For other modules listed on this page, please contact us directly and we can arrange a training course that meets your needs – you can call us on 0151 708 9785 for this or any other enquiries.