Fire is potentially an incredibly destructive force, but it is one that we are now well prepared for, with non-flammable materials used in home and office furniture, building regulations that help to contain a blaze, and well organised evacuation procedures in most workplaces.

But those precautions do not come about by pure chance – and workplaces of all kinds depend on fire wardens and marshals, vigilance by employees and in the first instance of a fire, proficiency with an extinguisher to help save lives and property alike.

Our fire safety training courses help you to gain the skills that could someday save not just your own life, but the lives of your friends and colleagues, while contributing to your professional development with accredited certification from industry organisations.

We have a range of half-day fire safety training courses, as well as a half-day GWO accredited Fire Awareness module that counts towards your GWO Basic Safety Training and can help qualify you to work in offshore renewable energy environments and on wind turbines for up to two years.

GWO Accredited Fire Awareness

GWO Fire Awareness is one module of the industry standard GWO Basic Safety Training package, which you can complete with us as individual modules or as a single combined training course.

It trains you to respond appropriately in the event of a fire on an offshore renewable energy platform and when working on wind turbines – including the correct course of action in a potential lifesaving situation.

Responding correctly to an outbreak of fire can contain the blaze and potentially extinguish it, or ensure evacuation procedures can be completed safely, without putting yourself at undue risk.

This half-day training module is fully accredited by the GWO and awards you a certificate valid for up to two years before you need to attend a refresher course.

You should also complete the other modules of GWO Basic Safety Training in order to be fully qualified to work in offshore renewable energy environments, each of which must also be refreshed every two years.

Half-Day Fire Safety Training Courses

Our selection of half-day fire safety training courses cover different workplace fire safety disciplines, helping you to gain essential skills in identifying, preventing and tackling fires.

We have four half-day fire safety training modules to choose from:

  • Fire Safety
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Fire Marshal Training
  • Fire Warden Training

Each can be completed in isolation or paired with one or more other modules to give you even more comprehensive fire safety training – for example, you might want to gain fire extinguisher skills alongside fire marshal or fire warden training and a general overview of fire safety as a whole.

These fast and affordable fire safety training modules are a great way for employees to gain the skills required to act as fire wardens and marshals, with the benefit of coaching delivered by seasoned professionals in this subject area.

For more information about any of these fire safety training modules, contact us and we will be happy to help you decide on a training programme that combines the modules you need into a comprehensive suite of fire safety coaching.

Level 2 Award in Principles of Fire Safety

This British Safety Council Level 2 Award looks at the risks associated with fires and the control methods that can help to reduce those risks without putting individuals in danger.

It is a freestanding qualification regulated by the Regulated Qualifications Framework, and does not assume any prior knowledge.

However, it is likely that delegates will already be designated as responsible for fire safety in some capacity, for example as fire wardens or fire marshals in their workplace.

If you are interested in completing this training module, please contact us to find out more about when we can deliver the necessary training and how much the course will cost.

How to Book

You can book our GWO accredited Fire Awareness module by visiting its individual booking page, where you can also check the full details of any prerequisites for delegates, required clothing and other things you should bring on the day.

Remember also that GWO Fire Awareness is part of the GWO Basic Safety Training Package, so you may want to book the complete package to save on time and money while also obtaining the other modules. Additionally, you can also book your Offshore Medical tests and checks with us! Click here to add on your medical while you are training at our facilities! 

For our other half-day fire safety training courses, including Fire Safety, Fire Extinguisher Training, Fire Marshal Training and Fire Warden Training, please contact us to arrange a date for the necessary training and assessment.