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January 24, 2018
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June 21, 2018
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Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves!

Growing up on a farm, like many of us Fiona served her time doing trial and error in the career game. She soon realised that waitressing and office life was not for her, she even tried teaching horse riding. “I’ve done a little bit of everything, it was soul destroying, I just needed money at the time”, she admits.
It all began with an advert in a newspaper. She took a chance and 3 years later she is doing an apprenticeship with an end goal to be a qualified composited technician.
Fiona states, “I had to go for it really, I’ve always been quite hands on. It just seemed like something that I’d enjoy”.
It is important to protect the future generation from stereotypical views to progress towards gender equality and to reach out to underutilised female resources. Fiona is a fantastic diplomat for women in the industry as she works with schools and young people to raise awareness.
Time is changing and there are fantastic careers available across the sector, mentors like Fiona are crucial for growth and development.

We asked Fiona what she enjoyed about working offshore.
Fiona mentioned, “I could have told you a year and a half ago that I made the right decision. I love it, every day I go out I learn something new, and put to practice what I learnt in college… and if the sea is below 12 degrees you have to wear an immersion suit- so that’s a sexy bit of kit!”
Without a doubt, one amazing benefit from working offshore is the option to travel.
“I quite fancy travelling, going where the job can take me really”, Fiona admitted.
There is a demand for women in the industry all over the UK and the globe, so the world really is your oyster!

Fiona gave one last message for any women who are hesitant about getting involved in the offshore industry, “If you think you would enjoy a job and that is what you want to do, don’t take your gender into account. We need more women, the banter you get from men and women is brilliant!”