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Noddy Crouch: Working at Height, ART, and IRATA Trainer

Noddy is our in-house trainer who joined the team in January 2022. His expertise is used to deliver our GWO Working At Height and Advanced Rescue Techniques courses, as well as IRATA Level 1. In 1994 Noddy started his career as an Outdoor Sports Instructor in Northumbria. Since then, he has worked in many locations across the UK and Europe. Noddy has been involved in training the Mountain Rescue Team for Dartmoor, and in the last four years, he has been working on Rope Access Sites around the UK.


Noddy began honing his training delivery skills as a Young Scout, teaching other peers to develop their skills in the Outdoor Environment and has been delivering GWO Advanced Rescue Techniques, Working At Height and Manual Handling since 2020. Frequently delivering GWO accredited courses, Noddy can be seen teaching pulley systems and rescuing dummies from height (practice dummies, not candidates).

Aside from people, what would Noddy save if his house was on fire…

“My canoeing and stand-up paddleboard kit!”

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