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Howie Pickering: GWO Medical Trainer

Howie is our in-house specialist medical trainer who joined the team in September 2016. His expertise are used to deliver our advanced first aid courses. Howie started as a Commercial Diver in 1979, enjoying 30 years of this time working in the offshore sector. He also served 10 years as a Hyperbaric Technician and 5 years as an Immediate Care Practitioner at North West Ambulance Service. Fair to say Howie has a wealth of experience to share with delegates!


Howie is an expert in first aid. He has been honing his training delivery skills for almost 10 years and has been delivering Advanced Medical Training since 2002. Frequently delivering GWO accredited courses, Howie can be seen teaching revival techniques on our first aid dummies or flipping survival rafts in our aquatic centre.

Best known for…

Advanced Medical Training and GWO Sea Survival Training

Aside from people, what would Howie save if his house was on fire…

“My tools! I’d be lost without my DIY projects!”


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