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Instagram thewindtech
Instagram thewindtech

Industry Interview: Wind Turbine Technician Ferenc Kramecz

Ferenc Kramecz is a wind turbine technician who has worked in the turbine industry for several years now. After coming across his profile online, we took the opportunity to reach out to him to find out more about what it is that drew him to the field.

It is evident that Ferenc is extremely passionate about this career, judging by his Instagram account which is dedicated to his adventures as a wind turbine technician. Greeted by an array of beautiful images, breathtaking scenery and of course, wind turbines, it is not hard to see why this is this path that he chose for himself.

Known online as @thewindtech, Ferenc has dabbled in many different areas within the field already. He tells us that he started out working on the installation of wind turbines but soon moved onto a more general role which involved everything from servicing repairs to retrofits and troubleshooting. More recently, he has been doing stat inspections which involve him making sure that the different parts of the wind turbine are safe to use.

When asked what it is that attracted him to work in the wind industry, Ferenc said: “It is a job that not many people do, it provides you with the opportunity to work around the world and every day is different.

“The work and the people are great, but the views win it for me. It’s a rewarding job when the turbine is back up and running thanks to your hard work.

“I normally start work at 7:30 am, collect my tools and parts, then head to the site to carry out any work that needs doing that day.”

Ferenc said that if he could offer one piece of advice to someone trying to get into the industry, it would be: have persistence. “There are a lot of people trying to get a start. Just keep calling, sending emails and sending messages on Linkedin to companies.

“Stay safe, make contacts and just enjoy it” he added.

Training is a very important part of becoming a wind technician. Before becoming a qualified professional, Ferenc completed a handful of training courses which enabled him to become the skilled technician he is today. He took various basic and advanced Global Wind Organisation training courses, undertook medical tests and applied for special work permits. He says that training is a crucial part of the process as improper training can be dangerous for everyone involved.

Complete Training Solutions can help provide you with the necessary training that you need to become a wind turbine technician. We have a range of courses on offer with a variety of different specialisms, all of which you can find listed here on our website. For those who are unsure about which course to take, we invite you to get in touch so that we can offer our specialist advice and guidance.

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