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March 23, 2021
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Guide to becoming a Banksman in the construction industry

Is a job as a Banksman Slinger right for you?

In the construction industry, the term Banksman was used in a broader sense to describe two roles, Vehicle Banksman and Slinger Signaller. Both roles share similarities in the skills and knowledge required but have fundamental differences when it comes to their daily duties. Let’s start off with the basics.

Vehicle Banksman:

A Banksman, or better known as a Vehicle Banksman is a professional role within the construction industry. As a Banksman you will be a critical part of the on-site health and safety, reducing the risk of accidents and damages on site. Responsible for the movement of vehicles and machinery, a Banksman will need a strong attention to detail, be highly organised and have excellent communication skills.

What is the role of a Banksman?

A Banksman is responsible for safely directing the movement of vehicles on site in line with Site Safe Systems of Work. Their role plays a vital part in increasing site safety and reducing the risk of accidents or damages. A Banksman works to increase site productivity through extensive vehicle movement planning, in turn helping make the site a safe workplace for all employees. Vehicle Banksman often assists Site Supervisors in making important recommendations on movements.

How do you become a Banksman?

In order to take on the role of a Banksman formal training is required; this training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to carry out your daily tasks safety and successfully. There are several different routes you can take to become a Banksman.

  • College: You can kick start your career as a Banksman by undergoing a course with a College
  • Apprenticeship: Completing an apprenticeship with a construction company is an excellent way to get into the industry
  • Training Provider: You can undergo a stage 1 training course to kick start your career as a Banksman. This course will also help your career later on if you opt to train as a Slinger Signaller.
  • All courses are in line with the National Occupational Standards

In order to work on a construction site, you will need a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card. To apply for a CSCS card you need to prove you have the appropriate construction related qualifications and training required to carry out your job.

Is it a site safety requirement to have a Banksman?

All construction or major sites are legally required to have a trained Banksman on site, it is the senior site management team’s responsibility to make their sites as safe as possible. This means having a knowledgeable and competent Banksman is a must. All sites where there is regular vehicle movement on and off site, have a duty of care to provide under the management regulations 1999, a safe working environment by training Vehicle Banksman to reduce risk to people, property, plant, and spillage in the environment.

Key responsibilities of a Banksman:

  • Ensuring the safety of other site employees through vehicle movement management
  • Reducing the risk of vehicle collision or damage
  • Planning routes for safe vehicle movement that helps boost site productivity
  • Receiving and dispatching vehicles safely to and from sites
  • Assisting the site management team in making recommendations to improve vehicle safety on site
  • Identifying and advising on potential hazardous routes

What are the key skills needed to be a successful Banksman?

  • Strong attention to detail
  • Highly organised
  • Excellent communication skills – both written and verbally
  • The ability to work well under pressure and remain calm in stressful situations

What is a Slinger in construction?

A Slinger Signaller is a natural career progression from a Vehicle Banksman, as a Slinger Signaller, you will be responsible for moving stores and equipment through the air using a crane. As a trained Vehicle Banksman, your skills and expert knowledge of site traffic management will help you in your Slinger training if you decide to train as a Slinger Signaller later on in your career.

If you like the idea of lots of responsibility along with some high-pressure situations, a job as a Banksman may just be for you. At Complete Training Solutions, you can undergo a complete Vehicle Banksman training course, with hands-on and practical learning used to help kick start your career.

Whether you’re consider training as Vehicle Banksman, or already a Banksman and want to look at the next steps of your career, Complete Training Solutions offer courses in Slinging, Lifting, and Rigging. Browse our full course catalogue here.