ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits)
April 11, 2018
CTS – Step By Step Guide
April 11, 2018
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SLC (Standard Learning Credits)

The Standard Learning Credits (SLC) scheme is another way in which you can utilise funding towards learning costs. This allows you to claim up to £175 per financial year. It is essential that you enrol on the SLC scheme before applying for your chosen course of study in order to claim this benefit. SLC’s can be used for training even if it is below the NQF level 3 threshold.

Please be aware that you will not be able to use your SLC in conjunction with both the ELC and IRTC.

How it Works:

IRTC + ELC = Yes

IRTC + SLC = Yes



How to Claim Enhanced Learning Credits

The actual claiming process is simple and demonstrated below but for more information, advice and guidance, please visit either http://www.enhancedlearningcredits.com/ or https://www.ctp.org.uk/

Step 1

Choose a course and provider that is right for you. Do your research and identify the best course or course package for you, paying particular attention to those that are more likely to provide you the best potential for securing industry related work on completion.

Step 2

Contact the course provider and clarify which dates are available and if you can provisionally book a place. Ask for their 4 digit ELC Provider number which you will need for future reference. (At this point some providers will send you over an ELC claim form which will be part filled out)

Step 3

Contact your Single Service Representative (SSR) and tell them you wish to use one of your credits towards the course of your choice and you have a date for when you want to complete this.

Royal Navy/Royal Marines

ELC Manager

Mailpoint 3.3

Leach Building, Whale Island

HMS Excellent



Tel: 02392 625954




Learning Credit Scheme (LCS) Manager

Ed&CD, Zone 4, Floor 2

Ramillies Building, Army HQ

Monxton Road, Andover

SP11 8HJ

Tel: 01264 381580

Email: elc@detsa.co.uk

Royal Air Force

Learning Credits Administrator

Accreditation and Education Wing

RAF Central Training School

HQ 22 TrgGp

Room 221B

Trenchard Hall

RAF College Cranwell

NG34 8HB

Tel: 01400 268 183

Email: 22TrgGp-CTS-AandEWg-LCA@mod.uk

Step 4

With your SSR, you will complete your application form which will then be sent to ELCAS. Once this has been processed and approved a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN) will be posted out to you (usually within 10 days)

Step 5

Notify the Training provider as soon as you receive your CAN. Once this is done they can take a deposit and secure your place on that course date. Joining instructions should then be sent out with details of the course content and any pre-course reading.

Final Step

Once you have completed the course you will be expected to fill out a feedback section through ELCAS. Once this has been completed you will be eligible to use further credits in the future