CTS COVID-19 policy and adjustments to training delivery

As an organisation, we have consulted heavily over the ramifications of the COVID-19 Pandemic. We recently took the decision to re-open our doors to delegates with a view to continue our longstanding training provision in a safe and professional way.

As most of our training is conducted ‘face to face’, our objective was to mitigate any risks that have arisen from COVID-19. We have consulted with local authorities, governing bodies, clients, and suppliers. We have also closely followed the UK Governments guidelines for maintaining social distancing measures. As a result, we have completed a thorough risk assessment of all training venues and the courses that run within them.

A new way of working

To try and do everything possible to protect our employees and delegates, we will adopt the following measures.


Prior to opening, we will clean of all areas of our training sites, paying attention to all contact areas and places of work, including classrooms, reception, offices, toilets, and the canteen. All areas of the building not required or in use should be closed and locked if possible and only opened if needed.

We will procure the necessary PPE and hygiene products which will include the likes of;

  • Hand sanitiser
  • Hand wash stations
  • Face masks and gloves.

Do not travel to our training centre if you or someone you live with has either:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • Loss of smell or taste

Stay alert, stay safe

Read the Government advice regarding how to protect yourself and others here.

This will help to ensure we are adhering to social distancing rules. Delegates will arrive at different times depending on the course they are undertaking, and break and lunch times will also be staggered.

A designated one-way system has been created which are clearly marked. This eradicates the need for individuals to pass in proximity of each other.

A new section will be added to our existing medical declaration forms with regards to COVID-19, which will ask the delegate to confirm that they (or those they live with) are showing no signs of the virus upon commencing training with us.

Delegates will have their temperature taken upon arrival at the centre. Anyone displaying fever like symptoms will be asked to seek medical attention and return to us once given the all-clear.

Delegates attending training over multiple days will have their temperature taken each day.

Where possible, delegates will sign in digitally of via their trainer. Pens will not be available from CTS.

Our on-site canteen will be closed and for the time being, packed lunches will be provided. These are to be consumed in the individual classrooms rather than communal areas.

Specific bins will be provided to collect waste and students will be asked to bring their own water bottles.

We will limit the number of delegates attending per course, and classrooms will be adjusted to ensure desks are suitably spaced to adhere to social distancing.

There will be increased signage and floor markings on display, showing the latest guidelines. The increased signage and floor markings will also serve as physical reminders to abide by social distancing rules as set out.

We have spent the last few weeks acquiring items of PPE for both staff and delegates. These include the likes of face shields, masks and gloves, as well as additional anti-microbial wipes for touch-point stations.

Whilst on course, delegates will receive individual items of equipment that they will not swap or share throughout. Items will be cleaned on completion of each course and circulate with additional equipment for the proceeding courses.

We are committed to continuing to support all of our clients and delegates during this time, but client meetings will continue to take place remotely at this time. Our team are available via the telephone, email and video conferencing.

Those showing symptoms

Anyone who starts to show symptoms during a course must alert a member of the CTS team immediately. You will be asked to return home immediately and our team will take all necessary steps to notify those who could have come in to contact with you and also clean the facilities.

COVID-19 Policy

To view our complete COVID-19 policy, click here.

We are here to help

We understand that these are worrying times for many, and many of you will have questions or concerns ahead of your training. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss our COVID-19 measures and adjustments, our team is always happy to help.