GWO Blended Basic Safety Training (BST)

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Gain a Global Wind Organisation Blended Basic Safety Training accreditation and start your career in the renewable and wind energy industry. GWO Blended BST training is a 5 module package that enables workers to work onshore or offshore – the blended version allows delegates to do their theory modules online and visit the centre to complete their practical modules. By participating in blended learning, the amount of days needed off-site to complete training is reduced – meaning a cost saving for employers on less time spent out of the business, transport (and often accommodation). Blended Basic Safety Training (BST), participants will possess an awareness of the hazards encountered when working within the wind industry and how to control and mitigate these hazards. BST training will also equip participants with the knowledge, skills and confidence to appropriately respond in the event of an emergency and to increase their safety through proper use of Personal Protective Equipment, emergency equipment and procedures.

The course covers the following modules: GWO Fire Awareness, GWO First Aid, GWO Sea Survival & GWO Working at Height and Manual Handling Combined.

Entry Requirements


Age 18+

Speak English

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The GWO 5 module package is a well-rounded view of all the knowledge and skills you will need to enter the renewable and wind energy industry confidently.

Included in this GWO training package are the five modules needed to be certified to work in the wind and renewable energy industry. In addition, delegates will receive individual certificates for each course which need to be re-certified every two years.

GWO Working at Height

Learn about the rescue techniques and procedures in this full GWO course which may need to be carried out in emergency situations when Working at Height when alone or working as part of a team.

GWO Fire Awareness

Study how to deal with fire situations in various environments and the importance of following procedures and regulations.

GWO Sea Survival

Study the practical and theoretical techniques required to operate safely offshore. The training is carried out in our maritime training center, so delegates experience training in a safe, open water environment.

GWO Manual Handling

Learn about the rescue techniques and procedures which may need to be carried out in emergency situations. For instance, lifting objects or personnel.

GWO First Aid

You will study critical topics, techniques as well as procedures which are also applicable to emergency first aid situations. There will also be practical incident management exercises in dedicated training environments.

Please note, the Working from Heights and Manual Handling modules are combined for this GWO accredited training course.

Delegates will complete a practical and written multiple choice assessment as part of the GWO Basic Safety Training.

Yes! The GWO Blended package can be completed anywhere. Meaning you spend less days in the classroom and can visit the centre just for the practical sessions.

The certificate will be valid for another 2 years. You can do your Refresher Course with us too!

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