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GWO First Aid training provides learners with the skills and knowledge needed to administer safe and effective first aid in the wind turbine industry. The Global Wind Organisation accredited First Aid training course helps delegates demonstrate lifesaving first aid techniques.

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GWO First Aid

The GWO First Aid course focuses on the key practical as well as theory elements of advanced first aid. The aim is to educate delegates in legislation, theory and lifesaving techniques within the renewable energy industry.

The GWO First Aid covers techniques and procedures which may need to be carried out in emergency first aid situations.

The theory elements of the course will allow individuals to show a good understanding of common threats to the human body and the correct methods of dealing with emergencies. The practical elements of the course will give individuals the chance to demonstrate correct aid techniques for primary lifesaving and managing a variety of conditions. There will also be practical incident management exercises in dedicated training environments. Our centre is fully equipped with real-world training environments designed to make sure you are comfortable carrying out emergency procedures whilst working on a turbine.

  • Demonstrate understanding of the importance of carrying out first aid in a safe manner
  • Demonstrate first aid in accordance with legislative requirements of their geographic location and according to ERC guidelines
  • Demonstrate awareness of AHA guidelines
  • Identify and explain normal function, vital signs, signs and symptoms of serious and minor injuries and illness related to the human body
  • Demonstrate understanding and correct order of management in an emergency situation in a wind turbine generator environment
  • Demonstrate correct use of lifesaving first aid using the primary survey A-B-C
  • Demonstrate correct use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED)
  • Demonstrate correct use of ordinary first aid, the secondary survey
  • Demonstrate correct use of first aid equipment in a first aid scenario

Delegates will complete a practical and written multiple choice assessment as part of the GWO First Aid course.

Individuals who complete the GWO Sea Survival Training Course can work safely at sea. It is important to remember that to work offshore, participants must complete the GWO Basic Safety Training Course. Sea Survival is a module within the BST course.  This course is mandatory for number of offshore jobs or maritime engineering positions on wind turbines.

Looking to advance your safety knowledge within the offshore renewable energy industry? We advise sitting the IOSH Managing Safely. If you want a career in offshore rope access, then you should complete your IRATA Rope Access Level 1 Certificate.

Delegates who successfully complete a Global Wind Organisation First Aid course will receive their GWO First Aid Certificate that needs to be renewed every 2 years.

This qualification can lead to a long and successful career in the offshore renewable energy sector! You can study it alone or as part of the GWO Basic Safety Training Package (BST). This qualification forms your’ license to practice’ safely in an offshore setting.

You can also book your Offshore Medical tests and checks with us!

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