Corporate Team Building

Whether you want to improve communication, develop a greater sense of team spirit, address conflicts or simply reward your staff for their hard work, your Corporate Team Building Day with Complete Training Solutions will be fun-packed, meaningful and challenging!

Based from our site at Collingwood Dock in Liverpool, our team will lead you and colleagues around our activities. And because we know that no two business needs will be the same, we are giving you the option to pick and mix your activities. This will provide you with the flexibility needed to tailor your day to your team, whilst ensuring they get the most possible it!

How does it work?

Choose from either a half day or spice up your day with a pick n mix package (full day). Each of the activities will encourage and develop team building, time management, problem solving, communication and leadership skills with the added bonus of lots of fun and giggles along the way.

Main activity

Raft Building Challenge

Working with some pre-assembled rafts, each team will be tasked to disassemble and then re-assemble them using a set of instructions that will be issued to the Team Leader. Once built, each team will need to launch the raft, row out on a set course before returning to the pontoon.

A challenge of communication, time-management, patience and pace – who can work the best together to succeed in this challenge?

Then if you wish, pick ‘n’ mix any 2 of the following 4 options...


Stretcher race

Timed stretcher race on set course, best time wins a handicap will applied if necessary.

Man Over Board

The man over board will take place in the dock, to recover the man in the water three runs, best execution, recovery wins.

Anchor Locker

Teams of 4 will look for hidden objects located in the room against the clock, points awarded for the fastest time.

Raft Challenge

The Team Leader brief timed swim in floatation device and Life raft entry, points awarded for time and style. A handicap will apply if required.


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Full Day

Min of 6 delegates: £360 Min of 12 delegates: £600

Includes main activity and 2 Pick ‘N’ Mix options

Lunch available for £6 per person
Price per group
Pricing image

Half Day

Min of 6 delegates: £300 Min of 12 delegates: £525

Includes main activity only

Lunch available for £6 per person
Price per group