Complete Training Solutions Soars In Wind Energy Training Rankings
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July 16, 2018
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December 11, 2018
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Complete Training Solutions Soars In Wind Energy Training Rankings

Complete Training Solutions is soaring in the rankings of a global network of training providers delivering safety standards in hazardous conditions.

The company has been placed in the top 10 of the Global Wind Organisation’s WINDA database of providers whose training is vital for the growing workforce of wind energy turbine technicians.

Records provided by Complete Training Solutions (CTS) for 2017 show consistently high volumes of training throughout the year.

Tom Powell, Managing Director at Complete Training Solutions said: “As a workplace training provider of Health and Safety courses to industry leaders operating internationally in renewable energy, construction and gas and oil, it is crucial that the certification status of those we are training for work in such hazardous conditions is recognised and highly visible.

“Being a GWO certificated provider, we can show employers the status and validity of all courses completed here, an important factor for companies like ours where the highest standards of safety training are paramount for people working in the wind energy sector.

“However, to be ranked in the top 10 of providers from all over the world is an incredible achievement for us and confirms our commitment to providing first class training for those who carry huge responsibility and who daily face immense challenges in their jobs.”

Announcing the rankings in the WINDA annual report, the Global Wind Organisation’s Chief Executive, Jakob Lau Holst, said:
“By adopting GWO standards, our members can make considerable improvements in the overall efficiency of their training programmes.

“The straightforward verification of training records is helping employers avoid unnecessary spending on re-training while training providers increasingly advocate GWO as the benchmark for safety training across the world.”