Complete Training Solutions looks to meet labour demand in US market
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Emerging market trends identified at WindEurope expo
May 10, 2019
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Complete Training Solutions looks to meet labour demand in US market

Complete Training Solutions attends Offshore Tech Conference

Complete Training Solutions, a leading health and safety training company who operates in the renewable energy, construction, maritime and oil & gas industries, has recently attended the Offshore Tech Conference in Houston, Texas to learn more about the emerging renewable market and labour demand.

The conference, that celebrated its 50th anniversary with a focus on the future, was held at NRG Park and was attended by over 15,000 international delegates alone. Tom Powell, CEO of Complete Training Solutions was one of those delegates who spent the conference networking with businesses and providers as well as learning more about the emerging market. He said:

“The conference was incredibly enlightening with delegates being afforded the opportunity to gather great insights into the offshore market in the USA.

“Our attendance at the conference coincided with discussions we were already having with businesses out there who are looking to address the labour market skills shortage. This is something that is supported by the Department of Investment and Trade (DIT).

“We spent time finding out more about their offshore market, and the growth targets over the coming years which will see the USA produce more renewable energy, reducing their dependency on non-renewable energy sources.”

The USA is behind the UK in terms of offshore energy production, however they are making significant investment in renewable energy and by 2030, plan to have 1,000 turbines in the Texas area alone.

However, with this increased production comes a labour shortage of professionals skilled in working on such wind farms, and that is where Complete Training Solutions (CTS) can help. As the largest single site GWO provider in the world, CTS is well placed to help train professionals looking to enter this industry which is set to provide jobs for the future.

Jonathan Marrs, Head of Trade & Investment at Houston Department for International Trade who met CTS during their recent trip said;

“Renewable energy is one of several growing markets in the Texas area and it is our desire to secure investment in such areas by attracting companies such as Complete Training Solutions to the area.

“With their extensive experience of delivering training for professionals who currently are or want to work in the renewable industry, they are the type of business we are looking to attract. It was a pleasure to meet the team and get to understand their training model.”

With offshore energy placed firmly at the heart of future developments for Texas and other states throughout America, now is the time for them to look to close the skills gap and invest in professional development in order to meet the significant growth targets for renewable energy production. Complete Training Solutions will continue to work with markets in the USA to ensure that professionals and businesses have access to industry recognised, accredited GWO training that will help support this demand.

To view the full range of GWO courses available at Complete Training Solutions, click here.