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Leading Liverpool-based Health & Safety training provider, Complete Training Solutions, has launched a Waterside Safety Awareness Course that helps people learn to stay safe on the water.

Completed over half a day, the course takes place at Collingwood Dock and gives participants a chance to experience real-life scenarios and situations. The course will teach participants about water self-rescue techniques, rescue equipment, waterside hazards, water behaviour, and danger signs. Split into practical and theoretical learning, anyone taking part will get a chance to role-play potential situations and learn how to respond in a fast and safe way. Led by CTS’s world-class trainers, the course costs just £99, a small price to pay to stay safe on the water.

The Liverpool City Region is home to several beaches and dockland areas, but people must understand the potential hazards of open water. That’s where CTS’s Waterside Safety Awareness Course comes in. Whether you are a professional working on the water, or you just enjoy taking part in water sports activities, the course will help you develop a solid understanding of the potential hazards on the water, and how to respond to them.

Speaking on the new course, Complete Training Solutions Chief Operating Officer, Danielle Kershaw said;

‘’This course is the perfect way to help individuals learn the basics of waterside safety, and in a city surrounded by beaches and dockland, the course couldn’t be more perfect for the residents of the city.’’

‘Our Waterside Safety Awareness course isn’t only for professionals working on the water, we really encourage families, individuals, and local organisations to take part and learn how they can be safe on the water. Tragically thousands of lives are lost each year in the water, and we are hoping that by encouraging more people to take part in the course we can help reduce the number of accidents happening in the City and beyond.’’

The first course took place on the 23rd August and local youth charity Positive Futures brought along some of their youth development workers to take part. At CTS, the team is committed to promoting waterside safety across the city and is encouraging businesses, families, and individuals to invest in their safety. All course dates are available on the CTS website. Book your slot here.

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