This course is designed for candidates who have a valid, in-date level 2 IRATA certificate and are looking to progress to a level 3 technician...




Rope access training courses accredited by IRATA, the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association, give you the skills you need to work in entry-level (Rope Access Level 1), intermediate (Rope Access Level 2) and advanced (Rope Access Level 3) roles within the rope access industry.

With three levels of IRATA accredited rope access training courses to choose from, we can help you to progress to the next stage in your career – and climb the next rung on the rope ladder.

Each training course lasts for five days and we hold several courses each month, but places get fully booked in advance, so check individual course pages below for upcoming availability.

We can also organise revalidation and requalification courses, allowing you to gain IRATA accredited certification to prove that you still hold the skills relevant to your level.

Rope Access Level 1

IRATA level 1 training qualifies you to work in the rope access industry in the UK and abroad, and is designed for delegates with no prior experience or insufficient experience for the higher levels.

Training takes place over five days, with assessment on the final day. You will learn essential rope skills, including ascent, descent, changing direction, switching to another rope, crossing a knot, aid climbing and traversing, passing re-anchors and deviations, using backup ropes, rigging and rope management, and basic rescue.

Most equipment is provided on-site for you – delegates should only need sturdy footwear and suitable clothing, plus valid photo ID such as a passport or driving licence, a separate passport-sized photograph, and an acceptable self-certification medical assessment form to confirm you are physically fit to attend the course.

Rope Access Level 2

IRATA level 2 training is for level 1 technicians with at least 500 hours of logged rope access work, and progresses you to an intermediate stage in your professional development, allowing you to work directly under level 3 supervisors.

Skills gained under this training course include rigging lines, undertaking rescues and completing other rope access tasks, as well as broader knowledge about the legislation, quality assurance obligations and safety requirements as they apply to professional rope work.

Basic requirements are the same as for the level 1 training course, except that you should also ensure you bring your IRATA Logbook to prove that you have logged the requisite 1,000 hours.

Rope Access Level 3

IRATA level 3 training gives you the most comprehensive skill set and background knowledge of rope work, and is restricted only to level 2 technicians with over 1,000 hours of relevant rope access work logged.

By the completion of your training course, you should be able to supervise rope access working sites, with aptitude in all relevant techniques; demonstrate skills carried over from levels 1 and 2; demonstrate knowledge of advanced rescue techniques; demonstrate understanding of IRATA training and code of practice. You will also hold a valid and current First Aid certificate by the end of your assessment.

Entry onto a level 3 course requires you to bring your IRATA Logbook which should show at least 1,000 hours of relevant logged work. Other than that the basic entry requirements are the same.

Revalidation & Requalifications

Revalidation is a way to renew your certification at a particular level, for example if your existing certificate is due to expire, usually three years after your previous assessment.

A valid, in-date certificate is required in order to practise as an IRATA accredited rope access technician at level 1, 2 or 3, so if yours is nearing its expiration date, revalidation is essential in order to continue working.

Requalifications can also help you to continue with your personal professional development, by demonstrating that you continue to practise at the high standards associated with your IRATA accredited status.

IRATA accredited revalidation can allow you to continue practising at your current level, or gives you the perfect platform to build on your proven skills by working towards accreditation at the next higher level.

How to Book

To book any of our IRATA accredited rope access training courses from levels 1-3 above, just visit the page for the course you are interested in and check upcoming availability on the calendar at the bottom of the page.

Dates marked in red are already fully booked, while dates in green are still available, and the page will also tell you how many places are still open on each day.

To proceed with booking a particular date or dates, just click the ‘Book Now’ button and complete the checkout process.

For revalidation and requalifications, please contact us directly and we can arrange a five-day course to refresh and retest you on the skills you need.