GWO Slinger Signaller Training Course

GWO Slinger Signaler

Who is this course suitable for?

This Slinger Signaller course is one of several Global Wind Organisation (GWO) courses that we offer. Individuals in the wind industry, who conduct slinging and signalling during simple lifting operations will benefit from this training.

This course, more specifically, aims to ensure participants feel confident in supporting and caring for themselves and others. Essentially, you will learn the required knowledge and skills in order to conduct assigned tasks safely and efficiently.

What is covered in the course?

The course covers conducting slinging techniques and signalling in simple lifting situations. For example, basic signals, legislation and risk assessments. Manual handling are just some of the areas covered in this course.

Additionally, we provide individuals with fully equipped, real-world training environments to prepare them for emergency procedures.

At the end of this course, participants will have the knowledge, skills and attitude to be able to;

  • Attach and detach the load to and from the crane lifting attachment
  • Initiate and direct the safe movement of the crane, including multiple slinger signallers during limited or blind lifts
  • Adhere to their role and responsibilities during the lift
  • Conduct visual pre as well as post-inspection on lifting accessories and load
  • Handle lifting accessories
  • Ensure safe lift-off and lay down of the load
  • Sling/rig various types of load, based on weight, centre of gravity, shape, and size
  • Carry out generic routine lifts in accordance with the lift plan
  • Comply with instruction and also procedures set up by the employer to manage lifting
  • Lastly, ensure that equipment is properly used. How to maintain equipment and report defects.

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Price Exc. VAT

Useful information

  • Duration of this GWO Slinger Signaller Training Course: 2 days
  • Course Frequency: This course starts on a regular basis, view our upcoming courses below
  • Locations: Brunswick Dock, Liverpool
  • Cost: £435 +VAT
  • Certificate:
    Delegates will receive GWO Slinger Signaller certification (no expiry) upon successful completion of this course.
  • Are there any entry requirements?
    Participants will need to have knowledge of the environment where they perform their duties
    Must also be medically fit and age 18 or over
    Lastly, candidates must also have an appropriate level of English.
  • What assessments are there?
    Delegates will need to complete written assessments during the GWO Slinger Signaller course.