Complete Training Solutions Finance Plans

Here at Complete Training Solutions, we understand that not everyone is able to pay upfront for training. This can be a very frustrating obstacle when looking to begin a new career or even progress in your current role. Starting a new career with the help of financial planning options can get you to where you want to be much quicker. To help you take that first step down a new career path, we now offer 0% finance on all courses over £500.

We understand the financial burden of re-training and upskilling can be due to countless factors. This is why we offer ‘Train Now, Pay Later’, which allows you to spread the cost of your training courses across a flexible timeframe. Give yourself the breathing room you need to progress in your career at a pace that makes sense for you.

You could possibly attend a £2,000 course for as little as £30 per week. As long as you can afford a 10% deposit for the course of your choice and pass a quick credit check, we can book you onto the very next course. We aim to find solutions for our course members rather than present more obstacles.

Benefits of Using Complete Training Solutions 0% Finance on Courses Over £500

  • Start training immediately using our 0% finance on courses over £500 option
  • You can apply online at your convenience without the need for phone calls
  • Applications are processed instantly so you can receive a decision in minutes
  • We only require a small deposit in order to secure your training
  • Count on Interest-Free Payments throughout your training
  • Get qualified and achieve the qualifications you need to succeed
  • Our ‘Train Now Pay Later’ option applies to training courses across all industries

Don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff on 0151 708 9785.
Alternatively you can also send us an with any questions to info@completetrainingsolutions.co.uk.

get 0% financing on courses over £500 with DEKO

Not Sure Where to Begin?

We provide training courses in the Renewable Energy, Construction, Oil and Gas Industries. We encourage you to learn more about each industry by clicking on the ‘Industries’ tab. Count on us to offer you a comprehensive range of courses taught by highly experienced trainers.

Why limit yourself to only one course? Our friendly staff will be happy to create bespoke packages tailored to fit your needs. You will have access to instructors who work with some of the worlds largest corporate companies across all industries. If you are looking for more information on Elcas/Ex-forces, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to provide you with more detailed information via email or over the phone.