A Potential Talent Pool of 11 Million That Could Help Our Economic Recovery

A potential talent pool of 11 million that could help our economic recovery

Lynn Lock, Director Innovative Alliance (I.A) and Tom Powell, Director Complete Training Solutions (CTS) teamed up with national social justice charity Nacro and held a free employer event for Construction Industry Stakeholders. CTS and I.A have joined Nacro in an effort to support young people and adults in the “Mind Fill the gap” project, a ground-breaking initiative commissioned by the CITB to help adults and young people with criminal convictions who are skilled and willing to work as a solution to fill in the chronic skills shortage we currently have in the U.K.

Lynn Lock, Director of Innovative Alliance has been working closely with Nacro to arrange this event and gave the following comments on what we can expect to come next. “We are looking forward to collaborating with Key Stakeholders to drive ambition and skills across the Construction Sector. Working closely with Nacro, CITB and the Prison Service we will strive to make the transition into work as streamline and accessible as possible!”

The latest Construction Skills Network forecast suggests that an extra 200,000 new jobs will be created over the next 5 years as the industry expands. With many employers already reporting a struggle to find candidates with the right talent, skills, abilities and mindset to fill their vacancies Mind Fill the gap provides employers the necessary resources, support and training they need to confidently access this talent pool.

Tom Powell, Director of Complete Training solutions was one of the speakers at the event and is also a great supporter of what Nacro do to help the community as well as the economy. “We often help ex-offenders transition into new careers in the construction and renewables sector. This event has a great opportunity for us to showcase our training facilities and highlight opportunities for example to gain work in growth sectors.”

Tom Powell, Lynn Lock, John Platt, Head of learning and skills for NW Prisons and leading construction industry employer, Dominic Headley, Consultant for Nacro, were joined last Thursday by a host of stakeholders as they offered local businesses the opportunity to understand how to tap into this wider pool of potential talent.