Catch up with ex-forces Owain James as he completes his Level 3 Certificate in Offshore Safety

We catch up with Owain James, a 31-year-old Marine who came to Complete Training Solutions to complete a Level 3 Certificate in Offshore Safety.


The Level 3 Certificate in Offshore Safety encourages the armed forces community to begin a career in the offshore renewable energy industry.


Kicking off the discussion we asked Owain what goals he has for the future and what attracted him to complete this course.

He informed us, “I was only using the GWO package as a string to my bow, I was mainly interested in the IRATA. It is right up my street as it is all physical.”

Owain was keen to begin a career in the Rope Access industry particularly the railways as he mentioned,

“I discovered IRATA is not just connected to one industry. You can go into things like telecom, Railways or even entertainment. But the more courses I done the more I realised I want a career in the wind industry”. 

The Level 3 Certificate in Offshore Safety will increase Owain’s employability as he now has 6 certificates.



Networking is an essential part of career development especially within the oil, gas, renewable energy and construction industries.  Today social media especially Linkedin is a powerful tool to network with potential employers and future job opportunity’s.

Owain commented that he did not realise how vital Linkedin and networking was in this industry, he admitted,

“I’ve never used Linkedin but now I realise how vital it is for your career, I am building my profile to get myself out there”. 

“The more I spoke to people in the industry I realised how many people from different companies and backgrounds come to train here. It’s an amazing place to network”


Job Search development :

Having asked Owain how his job search and career development was going he admitted,

“Complete Training Solutions has definitely opened new channels and helped me focus on my career path. I had a wide ark of ideas of what I wanted to do but now I am focused and I know where I am going once I leave the marines”.

On behalf of the entire team at Complete Training Solutions we would like to congratulate Owain on completing the Level 3 Certificate in Offshore Safety & Rope Access and we wish him luck as he embarks on this exciting new career oath.